Here are some examples of class projects I have completed in my graduate and undergraduate coursework. These culminated in poster presentations to the class.

Graduate Work

Environmental GIS

I aimed to investigate the effects of rising water levels within Lake Michigan. This GIS analysis was able to simulate the areas in Wisconsin that would become flooded with 3 ft increment increases.

Undergraduate Work

Directed Research

I completed a year-long research project which contributed to the investigation into the presence of an unknown carotenoid produced by senescent Norway Maple trees. This project incorporated analytical chemical analyses with literature review to determine the identity of this compound.

Inorganic Chemistry

Final class project completed in a collaborative manner with each group testing different conditions for oxidation. A multi-step lab procedure tested the the catalytic abilities of bis(acetylacetonato)oxovanadium(IV) on the oxidation of anthracene, confirmed via proton NMR analysis.

Limnology Final Project

Class field trip to the Trout Lake Field Station in Boulder Junction, WI, October 2018. Eight lakes within the field station were sampled for key physical, chemical, and biological aspects. This class dataset was used to answer an individual research question.